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i need to get current account balance sim card programatically. I am searching really hard in internet, but unfortunately I am not able to get the answer. If u know this Please suggest me . I am waiting for ur suggestions....

Thanks in advance

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I don't think the account balance is actually stored on the sim-card. – theomega May 6 '11 at 10:01
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There is no API to access that sort of information from the SIM card in Android, sorry. You may wish to contact the mobile carrier for advice.

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Even if there is some technique to get data from sim card , it simply cant word ... because thr is no dedicated field for balance in a sim card ....

bt if some how you cat trace d service provider , den a possible approach can be 2 create a hashmap for main service provider's vs related number for balance inquiry => sms/call to this number => get response .

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