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this problem made me scratch my head

  1. how to use CSS to make a DIV display only the first line of a multiline content?
  2. How can I set a DIV height like one line, but actually holding multiple lines?
  3. Can this be done without any javascript? I have to display the full content after click the DIV and edit the DIV by setting its attribute to contenteditable, it's best if I just use CSS selector to select non-first-line of the content and hide it.
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Question 1: you may be able to use the :first-line pseudo-element in your CSS.

div#mydiv {display:none}
div#mydiv :first-line {display:inline}

However, the spec does not list "display" as one of the properties which may be assigned to this pseudo-element, so this may or may not work, or may depend on the browser.

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Thanks for the info, but it didn't work. –  est May 6 '11 at 10:21
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there was a related bug and it's already fixed


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Unfortunately Colin's answer above using the :first-line pseudo element doesn't work.. would have been nice as it's very elegant :)

There are some alternatives here: Show first line of a paragraph

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