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So I want to make my own Internet Filter. Don't worry, i'm not asking for a tutorial. I'm just wondering if Fiddler would make a good backbone for it. I'm a little worried because it seemed that there's a few things Fiddler can't always pick up - or that there are workarounds. So, my question:

  1. Would Fiddler grab all web data? i.e, chats, emails, websites, etc.
  2. Are there any known workarounds?
  3. Any other reasons not to use it?


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I think you mean FiddlerCore rather than Fiddler. Fiddler(Core) is a web proxy meaning it captures HTTP/HTTPS traffic; it won't capture traffic that uses other protocols (e.g. IRC, etc). To capture traffic from other protocols, you'll need a lower-level interception point (e.g. a Windows Firewall filter) which will capture everything, but it will not be able to decrypt HTTPS traffic, and parsing / modifying the traffic will prove MUCH harder.

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yes, FiddlerCore. thanks. Do you see any potential disadvantages in using this for a filter? could a power user work around it? – Thomas Shields May 6 '11 at 13:37
Anyone (with admin permissions) can work around anything on their box. – EricLaw May 22 '11 at 16:24

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