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I want to apply Password to a folder in directory D:\myFolder in Windows explorer so that no one can open it. I am saving all my Word and Excel files in this folder named as MyFolder.

So to make it secure I want to apply a password to it. When I double click on this folder D:\myFolder then first a message should appear for password. So after inserting password this folder will open. I am using Window XP.

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Do several users share a single login on this machine? –  tomasmcguinness May 6 '11 at 11:01

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The only way I've found to do this is to use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted volume and then use a utility to have the D:\myFolder point to it. The utility Junction Link Magic should be able to do that for you as long as you're using ntfs for you filesystem. I think only the D: drive needs to be ntfs (you'll have to check the Junction Link Magic documentation). I know Windows Vista+ has the disk management snap-in for the mmc which can be used to mount the volume instead. I'm not sure if it is in XP. If it is, then I reccommend you use that.

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