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I'll explain the situation.

I have some 'modules', and one of the fields is the 'position' in the main page. If I create/edit a module with a specific position I want to check the rest of the modules which have a higher or equal position and move them one position forward.

In my solution I use the query() function of the Model.


In my Module Model I have a function...

function moveModules( $includedPosition ){

    if( !is_numeric( $includedPosition ) ){
        return false;

    $sql = 
          "UPDATE modules "
        . " SET modules.position = modules.position + 1 "
        . " WHERE modules.position >= $includedPosition "

    $result = $this->query(  $sql );        


I can use this function in the beforeSave() or in the controller wherever I want but...

I want to ask if exists a possible solution without using a custom Query.


SOLUTION ( Thanks Headshota )

function moveModules( $includedPosition ){

    if( !is_numeric( $includedPosition ) ){
        return false;

    $this->updateAll(array('Module.position'=>'Module.position + 1'), array('Module.position >='=>$includedPosition ));

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Try using updateAll

$this->Model->updateAll(array('Model.item'=>'Model.item+1'), array('Model.id'=>1));
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It works! Thanks – raultm May 6 '11 at 11:25

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