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I have a PKCS#12 file which I have successfully imported into Firefox. Now, I would like to import the same file into Linux in order to use public-Key cryptography with these keys. I have tried to import it using Seahorse, but it failed. Maybe PKCS#12 files are designed to be used only with browsers? I would like to know...


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PKCS#12 is a standard made by RSA for PKI (public key infrastructure). This consists of a tree of certificates and their accompanying keys. Your PKCS#12 contains one leaf certificate and its key, possibly together with some higher up certificates (it's an upside down tree).

PGP, which is used by Seahorse is a different way of handling public/private keys, based on a web of trust (google it). It is not directly compatible with PKI(X) which you have now. You could extract the key and generate a PGP key out of it, but you would have to reestablish trust anyway, so you might as well use a different key pair...

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