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I want to prefix the form title within the form tags, but above the form elements.

 <h3>Login Form</h3>
 <!-- form elements -->

I do not want to use a view script.

I thought of using the Description decorator, but that appears to be only available to the elements.

How do I set an arbitrary description for a form, and position it (either append / prepend) within the form tags? I have a feeling I need to play with the HtmlTag decorator but I've played with it and can't get the right results.

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Typical. Ask a question, work out the solution.

            'tag' => 'div',
            'class' =>'title'
->setDescription('Enter Login Credentials:');

Depending where you place the description decorator will determine where in the form tags it displays, i.e. place above 'FormElements' to display above the elements; place below 'FormElements' to display the description below the elements; place below the 'Form' decorator to display after the form tags.

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