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I have a folder /sites/main_folder/modules/file_folder/file.php

I need to add file.php in the target.module file /sites/main_folder/modules/target_folder/target.module. What is the perfect code for that?

I wrote this code in my callback function to add file.php in my target.module file but nothing happened:

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One way to do this is to use the Libraries API module. It helps you to keep all of your included library files in one location (namely /sites/all/libraries/). If you install and enable that module it gives you a libraries_get_path() function.

So you could then move your file_folder folder to /sites/all/libraries/file_folder/. Then to include the file you would do something like

include_once libraries_get_path('file_folder') . '/file.php';

Be sure to add libraries as a dependency in your .info file

dependencies[] = libraries
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You simply use module_load_include() as in the following example.

module_load_include('php', 'target', 'file');
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