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I Need Search line where i can search from three dissfrenc text boxes and displaying three columns link in this image. i am using php, jquery JavaScript and ajax mysql to make this enter image description here

bt i is working with only one text (1st box) box simultenously.

plz help me to do this.

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for example...

  $sql = "select * from Firmname";
        if($materiaux != '')
        $sql.= " where Firmnamelike '".mysql_real_escape_string($Firmname)."%'";
        $sql .= " order by FirmnameASC  ";
        $result = $this->sqlQueryArray($sql);
        return $result;

//In ajax,

if(trim($Firmname) != '')
                $final_result   = ucfirst(($Firmname))."|".$Firmname_id."|".$PersonName."|".$MobileNO;
            $final_result   .= "\n";
            echo $final_result;
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sir can u send me complete example –  Ravin May 10 '11 at 12:05

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