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It dosent seem that iostream is in the directory for bada. is this right ? What should i use instead ? This file need me to use cout, in many forums i see that this function use in bada but i ca not find it in bada. I use bada 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.

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Indeed AppLog, AppDebug and do forth are you primary options. If you need logging at runtime (ie Release) you are stuck for in-built options. I usually write a text file in a location I can access.

I don't know if copying iostream would work ... doubt it.

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iostream is not in the SDK for Bada. If you want to log information from your app, you should use AppLog().

If you would still want to use iostreamcopy a iostream from mingw toolchain or from another system that has gcc toolchain, preferably Linux based and then you can use cout.

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