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My models:



    val.CharField # varchar or numeric

Now I have an objects list of items but not a QuerySet, for instance: items = [<object:1>, <object:2>, <object:4>]. And t = 5 is an id of a row from Type.

I want to sort this list by val of table Value and type of value is t. Any idea?

Thanks alot!

- I've added a new condition.

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If you have a proper list, what's wrong with list.sort()? –  S.Lott May 6 '11 at 12:25
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You can always use lambda function to sort the list of items (assuming there is a one to one relationship between Item and Value model, otherwise I don't think the question makes sense)

 items.sort(key=lambda object: object.value_set.all()[0].val)

Although the point to be noted is that the sorting will be in memory.

For Updated Question

Just adding a filter should do the task

 items.sort(key=lambda object: object.value_set.filter(type__id=5)[0].val)
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Check Key Functions in this sort tutorial that I found in python docs

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sorted(items.objects.all(), key=lambda item: item.value_set.get().val if item.value_set.all() else None)

should do it in case your foreign key isn't set for some items.

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