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Today I came across a very strange error with QWebView which I cannot resolve myself.

I included a QWebView widget in my application. When I set a URL or a piece of HTML code to display (with QWebView::setUrl() or QWebView::setHtml()), it works very well on my machine. It also works on all machines that have Qt installed, but not on those without it. I compiled a release build and included all necessary libraries as shared (QtWebKit4.dll, QtNetwork4.dll etc.), so I guess my error lies in that I forgot to include some libraries.

If anybody has already had such an error, I would be very grateful for help!

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You might need to include the relevant Qt image processing plugin libraries, which are located in qt/plugins/imageformats (and maybe also qt/plugins/iconengines ). I haven't deployed any webkit apps, so I'm not certain about this.

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Thanx, this is exactly what was wrong with my program! –  Pavlo Dyban May 9 '11 at 12:56

See my answer to this question: Qt dll deployment on windows

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Thanx very much! This is exactly what was wrong in my case! –  Pavlo Dyban May 9 '11 at 12:56

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