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I'm trying to plot some arrows using matploblib with the quiver function. But I want to choose the length of each arrow individually using an array.

In these demos and documentation, it is show that you can change scales proportionally to units (x,y, width, height, xy, inches, ...), is there a way to define a scale for each arrow ?

Thank you for your answers, Malchance

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To specify each arrow's location and vector and length is an over-specification of the quiver plot. So what you need to do is change the data that you are plotting.

If you have the vector field U and V (same U and V as your examples), you can normalize them by:

N = numpy.sqrt(U**2+V**2)  # there may be a faster numpy "normalize" function
U2, V2 = U/N, V/N

Then you can apply whatever scaling factor array you want:

U2 *= F
V2 *= F
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Thanks, this helped me. – Mibou May 9 '11 at 7:01

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