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I am looking for a good Git GUI which looks and works like HG Workbench.

Is there anything interesting? Preferably freeware :)


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The default Git Gui that comes with Msysgit looks quite like that.

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It does look quite like it, but is not exactly it. If someone used Hg Workbench before and comes to Git Gui he is bound to get confused and irritated... –  jahu Mar 6 at 12:59

My favorite graphical git-client is SourceTree (available for Windows and Mac). SourceTree can manage git and Hg (Mercurial) repositorys.

By the way: SourceTree supports git-flow, is free for personal and commercial use and is made by Atlassian, the company behind BitBucket, Stash JIRA and other known products.


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SourceTree is also my favorite git client for Windows. Im using it since the beta! –  Hidden May 29 '13 at 9:07
FYI, it only runs on Windows 7+ –  Jon Coombs Feb 23 '14 at 3:20
SourceTree is not exactly free. The EULA says it grants a free 30 day evaluation period, after that you're suppose to get a license to continue to use it. The app might work just fine after those 30 days, but it can land you in hot water if you use it commercially. Now it seems you can get the license for "free", but first you need to sign a lengthy customer agreement that could contain just about anything (go read that 14 pages of legal babble). If a company makes legally using their "free" app this confusing, it certainly doesn't make me trust them. –  jahu Mar 6 at 13:19
SourceTree is exactly free. The circumstance that you have to register after 30 days does not change that. Anyway, if you installed their software, you already accepted their EULA. In fact, its not unusal for Atlassian that you have to register their free software, I think they just want to track how many people and companies use it. I dont even think this makes Atlassian less trustworthy. Their products are used by thousands of companies and hunderts of thousands of people. –  fnkr Mar 6 at 17:00

How about git gui, Tortoise Git, SmartGit, Git extensions?

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TortoiseGit has no workbench. –  fnkr May 31 '13 at 7:34
Yeah, I liked TortoiseHg and have been disappointed so far with TortoiseGit. –  Jon Coombs Feb 23 '14 at 3:14

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