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I don't understand the atomic method push of Mongoid.

I have this document:

class Campaign
  include Mongoid::Document

  field :messages, :type => Array # Array of hashes

And now in the console a play with it but messages it's not persisted. An example:

>> campaign = Campaign.last
=> #<Campaign _id: 4dc2b6617e296d53f000000d,...
>> data = {:from => 'user@example.com'}
=> {:from=>"user@example.com"}
>> campaign.push(:messages, data)
=> [{:from=>"user@example.com"}]

The log now says:

MONGODB blabla_development['campaigns'].update({"_id"=>BSON::ObjectId('4dc2b6617e296d53f000000d')}, {"$push"=>{:messages=>{:from=>"user@example.com"}}})

But if a query this document again, the messages field is nil:

>> campaign = Campaign.last
=> #<Campaign _id: 4dc2b6617e296d53f000000d,...
>> campaign.messages
=> nil

How can I persist this data?


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You are not pushing an array, but a hash. Enable safe mode mongoid (mongomapper) if you want mongodb to answer "successful" or "failed", instead of "ok, whatever".

to enable safe mode, try this

campaign.safe_mode?(:safe => true) #then carry on. warning, I haven't tested... 

push(... ,:safe => true) #mongomapper

or change config

persist_in_safe_mode true 

should be true in development environment in any case.

To fix your problem:

#to use array instead of hash, do 
data = ["elem1", "elem2"]
campaign.messages << "elem1"
campaign.messages << "elem2"
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