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I am getting this error now that I hit version number 1.256.0: Error 4 Invalid product version '1.256.0'. Must be of format '##.##.####'

The installer was fine with 1.255.0 but something with 256 (2^8) it doesn't like. I found this stated on The Version property must be formatted as N.N.N, where each N represents at least one and no more than four digits. (

Which would make me believe there is nothing wrong 1.256.0 because it meets the rules stated above.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this would be failing now?

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This article says there is a major and minor max of 255.

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The link you reference says " This page is specific to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/.NET Framework 3.5", but you're talking about vs2005.

My guess: a 0-based range of 256 numbers ends at 255, therefore trying to use 256 exceeds that and perhaps they changed it for VS2008

Edit: I looked again and see where that link can be switched to talk about VS2005, and gives the same answer. I'm still sticking to my 0-255 theory though. Wouldn't be the first time this week I came across something incorrect in MSDN docs.

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