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I am using tarfile module to check the permission of the packages in my tar.gz file. My problem are two folds.

Permission bits value are different from the value got from ls -l command. From list command, value is 755. But I get 488 in my program. I use the below command function -

def checkAndExtratZipFile (value,packageElementInfoList):
        tar = tarfile.open(value,"r:gz")
        for tarinfo in tar:
            global elementType

            # Populate all information about the element
            name  = tarinfo.name
            size  = tarinfo.size
            perm  = tarinfo.mode
            if tarinfo.isdir():
                eleType = elementType.Directory
            elif tarinfo.issym():
                eleType = elementType.SymbolicLink
                eleType = elementType.File

            # Populate into list        

        print "Verification of package %s failed.\n Reason : Not able to read contents in the tar package." % value

My system (working on SUSE Linux) will have packages to be verified which are created by SUSE/AIX and HP platform. So I need to verify packages built on AIX/HP/Linux platform on Linux Server. The permission bits of AIX/HP package on Linux is very weird.A 755 permission bit is given as 33256.

Any help is appreciated.

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You're seeing a base-10 representation of an octal number:

>>> oct(488)

You need to check flags using attributes on the stat module:

>>> tarinfo.mode
>>> tarinfo.mode & stat.S_IXGRP != 0
>>> tarinfo.mode & stat.S_IXOTH != 0
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