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I'm using JAXB 2.2 and I'm into some trouble.

I have the following XML in my xsd:

<xs:complexType name="Party" abstract="true">
                public ElectronicAddress
                getFirstPrimaryElectronicAddressPhone() {
                for (ElectronicAddress
                eAddress : electronicAddresses) {
                if (checkRefCodeTypeCode(eAddress,
                CodeHelper.ADDRTYPEELECPERS_PHONE_CODE)) {
                return eAddress;

Now, I need to import my own (CodeHelper) class into the generated class, because CodeHelper is not in the same package as the generated source.

Is there any possibility to do that?


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You could possibly write an XJC plugin to get this behaviour. The link below has some pointers for creating a plugin:

The example in the above article is actually a code injector plug-in.

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So you mean, that JAXB is not able to insert custom imports out of the box? – L.Butz May 17 '11 at 9:39
@Leonard Butz - The JAXB spec (JSR-222) does not cover inserting code blocks in the way that you describe. However the XJC tool that is provided by the JAXB reference implementation does provide a custom plugin mechanism. This plugin mechanism should let you do what you are looking for. – Blaise Doughan May 17 '11 at 10:31

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