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The relation of PRIMARY is equal to fk_student_single_user1. So i must remove one of them.

The problem is, i can't remove or rename PRIMARY in workbench, the program does not allow, and if i delete fk_student_single_user1, i also delete the foreign key. The only way is delete PRIMARY in the phpmyadmin.

But i think that exists any problem in my eer model, it is supposed an export without bugs. I deleted my previous column id, because two foreign keys can be the primary key of the table.

How i can solve that?

enter image description here

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Try deleting the foreign key, dropping the needless fkey index, and re-adding the foreign key using plain sql (alter table...) rather than your GUI.

The SQL spec requires a unique index on the target column, so there's no reason to add an extra (non-unique) index on top.

If MySQL still adds the index, you might want to report it as a bug (as well as to

If not, you might want to investigate whether the index was added by your GUI in the first place. And if so, report the issue as a bug to the GUI's creator.

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the problem has solved. The issue occurs because i want to use two types of foreign keys, one Identified and other that is non - identified. So i solved the problem when i made the two foreign keys as non-identified - basically the same type – loops May 9 '11 at 2:34

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