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So I have a workbook with two spreadsheets in them one called "inventory" which is the most active and one called "department items" I created a user form for use on both spreadsheets, in the user form I have a list box of every item. Obviously this is not I was going for but it has been a long while since I did macros, so I was just playing around. I want to use the user form to search each column in seperate text boxes i.e. the textbox called "Title" will search down column B which is also called title.

The names for the columns are: Reference, Title, Author, ISBN/Format, Subject, Availability, Further Information

On the Userform the options I want are: Textbox name: Title Textbox name: Author Textbox name: ISBN Dropbox name: Subjects Dropbox name: Format a button to search and a button which allows you to grey out an item to "take it out" (with a confirmation prompt) or ungreys it to "return" it Listbox for the search Results to appear in.

The coding and answers I've looked for haven't seemed to work, I need some help with this one please... thanks for your help in advance x

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Show us what you've tried and hasn't worked, and we might be able to help. –  Jean-François Corbett May 7 '11 at 10:12

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Your question is rather vague as there are a multitude of possible ways to do what you want. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 options

  1. Store the data in a database. You can then connect to the database and retrieve, write records etc using ADO. Link

  2. In Excel create a custom class in a class module for your columns and load them into a collection object or dictionary object using a key. Link

  3. Use the .Find method to search the related column then use .offset(0,column) from the found range to pick up the associated data

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