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Right now I have a RemotePresenceView for which I subscribe to the PresenceNotificationReceived event. The event is correctly getting fired when I change the presence or note in the Lync Client but when it handles the event the RemotePresentityNotification.PersonalNote.Message is an empty string. The RemotePresentityNotification.AggregatedPresenceState is correct but the personal note never is. What's the deal?

I also have the question posted on the microsoft forums: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ucmanagedsdk/thread/70f249a8-9f55-4e85-b4e4-bd5d18727b9f/;

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It looks like this problem is occurring when the OwnerUri for the UserEndpoint that the RemotePresenceView is tied is the same as the PresentityUri for the RemotePresentityNotification. I fixed it by changing the account for the UserEndpoint. Here are the example results when I tested setting the note to "Out of town":

  1. UserEndpoint.OwnerURI = master.user@test.com, RemotePresentityNotification.PresentityUri = master.user@test.com, Note = ""
  2. UserEndpoint.OwnerURI = master.user@test.com, RemotePresentityNotification.PresentityUri = test.user@test.com, Note = "Out of town"
  3. UserEndpoint.OwnerURI = test.user@test.com, RemotePresentityNotification.PresentityUri = master.user@test.com, Note = "Out of town"
  4. UserEndpoint.OwnerURI = test.user@test.com, RemotePresentityNotification.PresentityUri = test.user@test.com, Note = ""
  5. UserEndpoint.OwnerURI = test.user@test.com, RemotePresentityNotification.PresentityUri = secondtest.user@test.com, Note = "Out of town"
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