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While reconciling an old solution I have been getting historical file versions from TFS without checking out.
That is, for a bunch of files in my solution I did "Show History" > "Get This Version"

Now I have all the mix-and-match of historical versions I want, but I did not keep track of which files (and which versions of the files) I got which were not latest.

Is there a way I can get a list of "not latest" files in my solution? That is, I want the output window's list of replaced files if I were to execute a "get latest" but I do not actually want to get them.

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Right click on the top level folder in Source Control Explorer, select "Compare". Top option should be the server path e.g. $/TeamProject/Myfolder with the latest version selected in the dropdown. The bottom option should be c:\MyWorkspace\TeamProject\Myfolder this will do a compare with the latest version held in TFS with the files you have locally. Diff Screen 1Diff Screen 2

Or you could do the same thing using the tf diff command line tool.

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You can do a "preview get" from the command line: tf get /recursive /preview will output the list of files that it would do a get of to update you to the latest version.

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If you're familiar with Powershell, you should be able to take this approach:

  • Ensure Team Foundation Power Tools are installed
  • You may need to re-run the installer as the TF Powershell cmdlets don't install by default
  • Open up powershell in x86 mode (x64 causes weirdness with said cmdlets)
  • Add-PsSnapin Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Powershell
  • Navigate to your workspace root
  • Get-TfsItemProperty * -recurse | where { $_.IsLatest -eq $false } | format-table
  • Optionally, add "> staleList.txt" to pipe the output to a file.

Hope this works!

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