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I'm used to design mockups of my webpages with illustrator.When I translate everything to css and test the page into my browser I can see that fonts are bigger in the illustrator mockup even if I used the same font setting on the css side.

enter image description here

//in css i have
body{font:Georgia,"Times New Roman",Times,serif;font-size:16px;

//I wrapped the example text inside "h1" tags 

//in illustrator I have font georgia,24px,font-style "regular" selected

How could I fix that?



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They seem to be different fonts altogether - look at the lowercase e and g. Check which font IE is using with the inspector. You can activate the inspector by pressing F12.

EDIT: The font IE8 is using looks like Times New Roman, IE's default font. Try replacing the font:Georgia part with font-family:Georgia. The font property is meant to be used as a shorthand to set all font properties at once and will probably not work when used to set only the typeface.

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+1 Good eye. There are numerous other differences as well. – Joel Lee May 6 '11 at 15:59
Echo that, well spotted! – jayp May 6 '11 at 16:07

I would imagine that this is because different browsers handle fonts differently to Illustrator. You can control the font size / spacing and that kind of thing using CSS, as you've noticed - have you got any other font settings you're using in Illustrator like kerning or that sort of thing? That could be affecting it.

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