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I am implementing a solution for updating the schema of MSAccess databases on customer site and I am using DataWeigher to generate the update script.

My small console application wtitten in C# executes the generated script.

And now I want to change some existing validation rule of a field.

To change an existing validation rule I would use following commandos:

ALTER TABLE myTable DROP CONSTRAINT <nameOfConstraint>
ALTER TABLE myTable ADD CONSTRAINT <nameOfConstraint> CHECK(myFiled<42)

The original validation rule was created manually (via MSAccess) and I do not know what name was given to this constraint by MSAccess.

How could I find out what the nameOfConstraint should be provide to the DDL commando?

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According to this sample code, you can use DataTable.Constraints[Index].ConstraintName to get the name(s) and hopefully other properties to identify which constraint is to be changed.

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Many thanks, especially for the link, I have not known this site! –  Elena May 9 '11 at 6:20

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