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Rails 3: What are some of the simplest ways to provide a single search field that returns results (hits) across multiple columns in a table (model)? Table will, initially, be somewhat comparable to a simple product listing (name, description, manufacturer, material, year,...)

I'm aware of Thinking Sphinx though I've never used it personally. In doing my due diligence I'm wondering if there might be a simpler approach now with Rails 3?

Thanks for any tips or suggestions!

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I'd suggest using sunspot... It's super easy to install, set up and use.

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I'm not sure on simple full-text search, but if your going down the road of Thinking Sphinx might I suggest: Sunspot.

Adding Sunspot search to Rails in 5 minutes or less

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Have a look at Super simple and awesome search solution for rails applications.

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your link is dead – Serge Dec 28 '12 at 20:04

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