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WPF Project with 2 windows and a class

static class Process
    public static Window1 _Window1 = new Window1 ( );
    public static Window2 _Window2 = new Window2 ( );

    public static OpenWindow1 ( )
        if ( _Window2 . ShowInTaskbar )
            _Window2 . Hide ();

        _Window1 . Show ( );

    public static OpenWindow2 ( )
        if ( _Window1 . ShowInTaskbar )
            _Window1 . Hide ();

        _Window2 . Show ( );

how to do that without threading problems & without using dispatcher ?

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It would be much easier to have a main window that shows and hides itself and the other window. –  Will May 6 '11 at 17:19
i know but i just give an example of 2 windows only my programs contains about 6 windows so i made as if you can called it a Queen class that manage all windows show , hide & close them –  Ahmed Ghoneim May 6 '11 at 17:21

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I don't understand your two statments: I know I must invoke Dispatcher and then later you say you want to do this without using dispatcher. I am going to assume that you simply want to know how to do this without threading problems. If this is not the case please edit your question.

public static class Process
    public static Window _Window1 = new Window();
    public static Window _Window2 = new Window();

    public static void OpenWindow1()
        if (_Window2.ShowInTaskbar)


    public static void OpenWindow2()
        if (_Window1.ShowInTaskbar)

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