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I would like to ask you if is possible to show data, which I've to saved in /public/my_dir_for_data.

If I try to display an image from this directory, I get "Routing error". Probably when I would to saved the data to root of my application, e.g. /my_data, everything will be ok... but I like this structure of RoR application and I will be glad, if I could to use the directory in in /public...

Exist any way, how to do? (and simultaneously security?)

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What code are you using to try and display an image? – Dylan Markow May 6 '11 at 17:33
Nope, I am not using any code, I am writing domain.com/my_dir_for_data/example.png in my browser. I guess rails thinks "my_dir_for_data" is a controller. – el_quick May 6 '11 at 17:43
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If a file exists, rails won't go into the controller stack, if it can't find the file, it will assume that it's a dynamic action and go into the controller stack.

So, if a file exists at #{Rails.root}/public/directory/file.png and you navigate to domain.com/directory/file.png it should work render the file.

Are you sure all the directory and file names are the same on both sides?

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The above problem is due to the configuration settings in config/environment/production.rb file. If you add the below line, the issue will be solved. config.serve_static_assets = true

But this line is deprecated since rails 4 and it will be removed in rails 5.0. For this, the new configuration parameter as below is introduced. You will get a warning as below, but the static files will be served.

DEPRECATION WARNING: The configuration option config.serve_static_assets has been renamed to config.serve_static_files to clarify its role (it merely enables serving everything in the public folder and is unrelated to the asset pipeline). The serve_static_assets alias will be removed in Rails 5.0. Please migrate your configuration files accordingly.

So, better if you use the config.serve_static_assets parameters to true, that will also serve the purpose.

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