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In looking into Go recently it seems like one could analogize between Go and Scala/Akka, where an akka Actor is similar to a goroutine and an ActorRef is similar to a Go channel.

Other than platform type issues (JVM or not) what are the functional differences that would lead one to choose one or the other?

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Disclaimer: I am the product owner of Akka

You could probably implement the Actor Model on top of goroutines and channels, but I see them as two distinctly different layers of abstraction.

Questions for the person choosing could be virtually anything but here are some suggestions:

  1. Dev/Deployment platform?
  2. Possibility/desire to reuse other libraries and/or languages?
  3. Remoting/Clustering?
  4. Development environment/infrastructure
  5. Availability of developers
  6. ...

If someone knows if there is an Actor Model impl for Golang I'd love a linky.

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go-actor – elithrar Jun 4 '13 at 21:26

I feel like Scala / Akka is more mature. There is a bigger use community, and more momentum.

Other people won't agree, but to me Go still feels like a "me too", and I would not code anything serious in a "me too" language.

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