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I'm just learning LISP and i am having trouble doing the following:

; return ":h :i"
(defun get-char() 
  (loop for char across "ab" 
        collect (concatenate 'string ":" (string char))))

; plist
(defun get-list() (list :a "1" :b "2"))

; I cannot get this to work 
; <-- returns all null, cannot get plist values :-(
(loop for x in (get-char) 
      collect (getf (get-list) x))

; this works fine...
(loop for x in '(:a :b) 
      collect (getf (get-list) x))

I know im close, but i am just missing something.

Thanks a lot :-)

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Tip: might want to come up with a more descriptive title than "Simple LISP question" next time. :-) –  Ken May 8 '11 at 0:22

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Change the get-char function to return a list of keywords from the characters:

(defun get-char() 
    for char across "ab" 
    collect (intern (string-upcase char) :keyword)))

Evaluating (get-char) => (:A :B). Furthermore:

(loop for x in (get-char) collect (getf (get-list) x))


("1" "2")
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Thats exactly what i wanted - seems a bit cryptic to me, but i am just starting on LISP - it make sense tho :-) - THANK YOU! –  schmoopy May 6 '11 at 19:15

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