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I am writing Visual Studio 2010 add-in. Purpose of this add in is to show all the VS solutions from a particular folder. We have around 100 solutions under our trunk folder. After add-in explore the folder and listed out solutions, developer would click any one of those solution to open it in same VS window. I have already a created a windows form in C# to list the solutions. Now I need to write a code to open the selected solution into the same VS window. I am not expert in Add-in writing. Any help would be appreciated.

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Take a look at the Solution Load Manager extension. Source code available here.

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I appreciate it. Solution manager is how and when to load project in a solution. But question I asked before opening solution itself, developer should be able to see the list of solutions in a particular folder and load the one he chooses. Moreover I could not open solution in source code folder of SolutionManger. –  Amzath May 6 '11 at 20:11

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