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So I am populating an excel document using Java's HSSF POI and I am using a excel template which has some headers already entered into it like so...

HSSFWorkbook workbook = readFile(TEMPLATE_LOCATION);

And my issue is that when I populate one of the columns with data in a date format of MM/dd/yyyy like so...


It populates the column appropriately with data like.... 01/01/2011 05/04/2010 03/03/2009

The bug is when I execute a sort on this column (in excel) using say an autofilter->sort ascending then it returns the dates in the wrong order like so....




(As it is reading it like a string and sorting instead of sorting by a date)

I tried to set the column as a "Numeric" column and then sort still no dice....

        cell = row.createCell((short)column++);

Also formating this way as well did not help...

SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("M/d/yyyy");

This is all going on in Excel 2003. No clue how to resolve.

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Your problem is that you are converting the data to strings when you populate the cells


I'm not a java user, so not sure, but you could try just


If the underlying data is in a form Excel recognises as a date, it should be ok.

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