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I need to create a sliding billboard ad (just like the one on this website http://www.mlive.com/slidingbillboard/). I would prefer to use jQuery over Flash, for reasons I'm sure most understand. I've been Googling and haven't found a solution. In the end this will be thrown into Google Ad Manager to track click throughs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Note: This will go at the top of the site above all content.

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This is easily implemented in jQuery

Look here


apply a few styles, hover effect.. and 'tadaaa' no flash or UI.

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Have you taken a look at jQuery Effects? You can do things like animate cssProperties (i.e. background color, size, etc), you can slide in/out. You can fade in/out among many other operations. you mentioned jQuery already so this might be what you are looking for:


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