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Is there a way to see what timeouts, intervals or async operations (or endless loops) are still running and are stopping my process from ending?

I have been able to figure it out so far without such a tool, but such a tool would be very handy especially as the Node.JS projects here start to get bigger.

I am thinking of Java's kill -3 which prints a stack trace to stderr. You can do this for any process, any time, debug or no. I would like an equivalent for Node.JS. (I know that node is single threaded with async so it would output differently)

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I had a similar problem, are you running into this issue when running tests with some sort of database? For example, my unit tests when I was using mongodb would never exit because of the internal mongo timeouts/intervals. – kcbanner May 6 '11 at 19:44
@kcbanner: In MySQL, you have to end the connection before the process will do an auto exit. It may be the same in mongodb? Or did you already try that? – George Bailey May 6 '11 at 20:48
Yea, ending the connection fixes it. – kcbanner May 7 '11 at 18:00
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Posted a feature request

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That would be great. – Amjad Masad May 8 '11 at 9:35

The module why-is-node-running is exactly the thing you need.

 var log = require('why-is-node-running')
 setTimeout(function () {
   log() // logs out active handles that are keeping node running
 }, 100)

And the output is something like:

There are 4 known handle(s) keeping the process running and 0 unknown
Known handles:
# Timer
/Users/maf/dev/node_modules/why-is-node-running/example.js:6  - setInterval(function () {}, 1000)
/Users/maf/dev/node_modules/why-is-node-running/example.js:10 - createServer()

/Users/maf/dev/node_modules/why-is-node-running/example.js:7  - server.listen(0)
/Users/maf/dev/node_modules/why-is-node-running/example.js:10 - createServer()

/Users/maf/dev/node_modules/why-is-node-running/example.js:7  - server.listen(0)
/Users/maf/dev/node_modules/why-is-node-running/example.js:11 - createServer()

# Timer
/Users/maf/dev/node_modules/why-is-node-running/example.js:13 - setTimeout(function () {
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Awesome! I can't wait to test this! – George Bailey May 16 at 13:25

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