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I have 5 lines


Using regex I've matched the line3. Now is there I way I can move the line3 just after line2(in other words, do away with the \n at the end of line2)?

I plan on using line3.sub(/myregex/, "some way to pull up line3 right after line2") method.

or I can do line2.sub(/regex_to_select_the_/n_at_the_end/, ""). Will this work?

Is there a better/different way to do it?

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Regular expressions have a single purpose; find patterns of text. Once you find it, you're almost always better off using another tool to manipulate that data. – eykanal May 6 '11 at 19:41

Just put the regex you used to match line3 into a lookahead expression, search for a \n before that and replace it with nothing:

result = subject.gsub(/\n(?=regex)/, '')

(where regex is your regex).

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