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I'm looking for a tool to load CSV into Cassandra. I was hoping to use RazorSQL for this but I've been told that it will be several months out.

What is a good tool?


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1) If you have all the data to be loaded in place you can try sstableloader(only for cassandra 0.8.x onwards) utility to bulk load the data.For more details see:cassandra bulk loader

2) Cassandra has introduced BulkOutputFormat bulk loading data into cassandra with hadoop job in latest version that is cassandra-1.1.x onwards. For more details see:Bulkloading to Cassandra with Hadoop

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I'm dubious that tool support would help a great deal with this, since a Cassandra schema needs to reflect the queries that you want to run, rather than just being a generic model of your domain.

The built-in bulk loading mechanism for cassandra is via BinaryMemtables: http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/BinaryMemtable

However, whether you use this or the more usual Thrift interface, you still probably need to manually design a mapping from your CSV into Cassandra ColumnFamilies, taking into account the queries you need to run. A generic mapping from CSV-> Cassandra may not be appropriate since secondary indexes and denormalisation are commonly needed.

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Thank you for the comment. SimpleDB is also a NoSQL and we've been bulk loading with RazorSQL. They just don't support Cassandra. (yet) –  Kevin May 9 '11 at 4:04
OK, that wasn't obvious from their homepage. Will edit answer... –  DNA May 9 '11 at 19:42
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