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I'm not sure how to explain what I'd like to do, but I've seen this in Textmate and it was quite useful. Let's say I have this text:

:aa => foo,
:ab => foo,
:ac => foo,
:ad => foo

Now I want to select all first characters of the keys (the 4 'a' in the lne) and remove them, so that the result looks like this:

:a => foo,
:b => foo,
:c => foo,
:d => foo

Some kind of visual mode accounting columns not lines.

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Use vim in column mode: http://pivotallabs.com/users/brian/blog/articles/350-column-edit-mode-in-vi

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thank you very much :) – Lennart Koopmann May 6 '11 at 20:17
Please explain the solution here, do not just link to it. – Tgr Mar 6 at 2:49
The current location of the article is blog.pivotal.io/labs/labs/column-edit-mode-in-vi but the answer is too short to fix it. – Tgr Mar 6 at 2:50

Use Ctrl+V to enter blockwise visual mode. You can then select a block of text using the normal movement keys and press x to delete it. I will perform a multi-line insert.

See :help ^V and :help visual-operators in vim for full details.

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You're looking for Visual Block mode, which is accessible by Ctrl+V in Normal mode. Works just like Alt+select in TextMate.

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Use Ctrl-V to select in block mode, then directional and editing commands to do the rest. See Can you delete a column of text in Vim / Vi / gVim?

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As others have said Ctrl-V is the answer. For a tutorial see Vimcast episode "Selecting columns with visual block mode"

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In your special case:

:% s/a/

does the job.

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