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Well... for me it's just the same thing, but I don't know why this works in 1.2.6 and doesn't in 1.3.1:

if ($('.trSelected').length == 2)


In this case, I'm selecting rows on flexigrid and used to work just fine in 1.2.6.

To work in 1.3.1, I had to do this:

if ($('#flexDiv .trSelected').length == 2)


I had to specify the table from where the trSelected are... why does this happens?? I'm having too many problems with class attibutes. For example: If I have 3 input text with class "test", only the first input text is functional... the other ones no. Why? thanks!!!

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Did you debug what does the $('#flexDiv .trSelected').length return ?

Best thing for javascript debugging is Firebug.

In javascript write:

console.log(  $('#flexDiv .trSelected').length  );

And then look in your Firebug console what do you get.

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You can also write $('#flexDiv .trSelected').length directly in the Firebug console without modifying your script. Firebug is available as a bookmarklet for non-Firefox browsers. –  Ben Blank Feb 26 '09 at 18:19

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