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is there a way to reset/update an after() element? Not add another after() text. Thank you

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Can you be more specific about what you want to accomplish? –  drudge May 6 '11 at 22:23

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Does after have a callback parameter? If so you can use that to call a function with what you'd want to do.

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Your question is not clear. I'll asume you want to modify an element added with .after()

Instead of doing this:

$("#elem1").after('<div id="after />");

You could do this (use insertAfter)

$('<div id="after" />').insertAfter("#elem1").attr("width", 200).html("hi") ...;

Hope this helps. Cheers.

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When you add the element, give it a name

var newElement = $('<span>Some new stuff</span>');

Then, when you want to change it, simply remove the previous one first

newElement = $('<div>And now for something completely different</div>');

You can write a function that uses .data() to remember the new element as such: (I would change the names a bit though)

$.fn.addUniqueSomething = function (content) {
    var existing = this.data('something-that-was-already-added');
    if (existing) {

    var something = $(content);
    this.data('something-that-was-already-added', something);

Then you can use

$('.whatever').addUniqueSomething('<span>Some new stuff</span>');
// and later...
$('.whatever').addUniqueSomething('<div>And now for something completely different</div>');

And the second one will replace the first

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