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I am new to Play and GWT and following the documentation given here. But I see the following errors:

bash-3.2$ play deps test-gwt

!! Error whileloading /opt/play-1.2.1/modules/gwt-1.0/commands.py: name 'play_command' is not defined  
~ Resolving dependencies using /Users/Harit/Documents/personal/projects/test-gwt/conf/dependencies.yml,  
~   play->gwt 1.0 (from playLocalModules)  
~ Installing resolved dependencies,   
~   modules/gwt-1.0 -> /opt/play-1.2.1/modules/gwt-1.0  
~ Done!

I see that there is a corresponding bug here, and status is fix_commited, but I don't know what shall I do?

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Isn't it just because play-gwt module is not compatible with play 1.2 ? Apparently this module is quite old and not very active and command syntax has changed in version 1.1.x or something like that.

Before, you wrote commands.py like that:

if play_command.startswith('gwt:'):

and now, it is like that:

MODULE = "secure"

COMMANDS = ["secure:", "secure:ov", "secure:override"]

HELP = {
    "secure:": "Show help for the secure module",
    "secure:override": "Override the CSS, login or layout"

def execute(**kargs):
    command = kargs.get("command")
    app = kargs.get("app")
    args = kargs.get("args")
    env = kargs.get("env")

    if command == 'secure:':

In my opinion, the modification is really light so you can either ask the module owner if he would accept to do it or even do it by yourself ;)

There is also a GWT2 module which seems much more active: http://www.playframework.org/modules/gwt2 (apparently no new version since last october but the github project shows very recent commits with play1.2 support)

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that resolves the error atleast :). Thank you –  daydreamer May 6 '11 at 23:26
you're welcome ;) –  mandubian May 7 '11 at 7:24

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