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I was given some login information for an EC2 machine, basically an ec2-X-X-X.compute-X.amazonaws.com plus a username and password.

How do I access the machine? I tried sshing:

ssh username@ec2-X-X-X.compute-X.amazonaws.com

but I get a Permission denied, please try again. when I enter the password. Is sshing the right way to access the EC2 machine? (Google hits I found suggested that you could ssh into the machine, but they also used keypairs.) Or is it more likely that the problem is that I was given invalid login credentials?

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If you are new to AWS and need to access a brand new EC2 instance via ssh, keep in mind that you also need to allow incoming traffic on port 22.

Assuming that the EC2 instance was created accepting all the default wizard suggestions, access to the machine will be guarded by the default security group, which basically prohibits all inbound traffic. Thus:

  1. Go to the AWS console
  2. Choose Security Groups on the left navigation pane
  3. Choose default from the main pane (it may be the only item in the list)
  4. In the bottom pane, choose Inbound, then Create a new rule: SSH
  5. Click Add rule and then Apply Rule Changes

Next, assuming that you are in possession of the private key, do the following:

$ chmod 600 path/to/mykey.pem
$ ssh -i path/to/mykey.pem root@ec2-X-X-X.compute-X.amazonaws.com

My EC2 instance was created from a Ubuntu 32-bit 12.04 image, whose configuration does not allow ssh access to root, and asks you to log in as ubuntu instead:

$ ssh -i path/to/mykey.pem ubuntu@ec2-X-X-X.compute-X.amazonaws.com

Cheers, Giuseppe

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It's really helpful. Thanks. –  Sumit Munot Oct 24 '13 at 17:01

Our Amazon AMI says to "Please login as the ec2-user user rather than root user.", so it looks like each image may have a different login user, e.g.

ssh -i ~/.ssh/mykey.pem ec2-user@ec2-NN-NNN-NN-NN.us-foo-N.compute.amazonaws.com

In short, try root and it will tell you what user you should login as.

[Edit] I'm supposing that you don't have AWS management console credentials for the account, but if you do, then you can navigate to the EC2->Instances panel of AWS Management Console, right click on the machine name and select "Connect..." A list of the available options for logging in will be displayed. You will (or should) need a key to access an instance via ssh. You should have been given this or else it may need to be generated.

If it's a Windows instance, you may need to use Remote Desktop Connection to connect using the IP or host name, and then you'll also need a Windows account login and password.

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