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I was wondering if any of you out there knows where I can get really good training material (videos, examples, etc) on Flex - Java Data Services (BlazeDS would be ideal) besides the ones offered directly by Adobe. I'm thinking on something like David Tucker's blog

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BlazeDS is opensource. Is there a reason why one should not rely on Adobe's documentation? I'm curious. Or, is it that you already have read all of it? – dirkgently Feb 26 '09 at 18:34
Adobe has never done something that would make me think they are unreliable... but I have nothing to compare the material they offer with. So I get really on my skeptic mood when taking decisions based on faith on a particular brand. The bottom line... I read Adobe docs but I would really have something to compare them and enrich whit I can learn from all the possible sources I can get. – Chepech Mar 29 '10 at 17:23
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Here is a screencast of a presentation I did about Flex and Java a while back:

Also, here is an intro to BlazeDS article I co-authored:

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Flex on Java covers BlazeDS in the chapter 5. I haven't read it through properly yet so I cannot tell how good the book is.

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I hate when people recommend books... I get this compulsiveness to buy them, I was trying to get something free...no I'll have to buy the book =( Thanks a lot man!! – Chepech Mar 29 '10 at 17:26

Check out Christophe Coenraets' blog

I think he creates the BlazeDS turnkey samples, and he's got some other reference applications on his blog that make use of BlazeDS.

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Go on with examples in Tour de Flex, its awesome!!!

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Here's where you can get Blaze Training.

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