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I'd like to create a java networking application, avaible for download on internet. I'd like to make it free and pay the servers fees with advertising revenues. I need the ads to be embedded in the application's GUI, and not in web pages.

I have read Adsense policy and i sort of understood that they don't agree to such a thing. Does anyone know names of companies which would agree ?

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Ok, the only service I have found which accepts the ads to be placed in a Java program is BuySellAds.com

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I'm not entirely sure about the Adsense policy, but can't you embed a WebBrowser instance into your UI, then serve your Adsense ads through that?

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The technical implementation is not an issue as I will always find a way to embbed the ads, whatever the technology involved, but the policy is an issue. Actually, i came across this page that clearly states that Adsense forbids what i need to do. link –  Joel May 7 '11 at 9:28

the old Eudora mail client tried this.... anybody remembers it? it was a great program, but where are they now?

LimeWire did it too... not a good association.

Then again, that's what Google does! (although not in the desktop)

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