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OK so I'm trying to get this button on its second click to display an image. I have 8 images for it to choose from and I want it to select it randomly. I set up an array with all of the R.drawable.img in the string and i tried placing it inside of this

   else if (click == 1)
                    rpic = generator.nextInt(ppic);

So it is not allowing me to do that. Any ideas as to how i can get the random generator to select 1 of those 8 pictures at random when it is clicked? Thanks

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What do you mean you "set up an array with all of the R.drawable.img in the string...? R.pic[rpic] isn't a valid way to specify an image...You're not limiting your nextInt function to 8 numbers, even...not sure where to start. –  kcoppock May 7 '11 at 3:06

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You have not really provided enough info but here is what I imagine you would do.

have an array int[] that looks like this: [R.drawable.img1, R.drawable.img2, R.drawable.img3]

in onClick(): random = some random between 0 and array.size()-1; spinntoke.setBackgroundResource(array[random]);

This way you have an array of ints (your R resources) where you can pick a random one. Don't forget to make your random generator only generate numbers from 0 to the array size-1.

Edit: code:

Random randomGenerator = new Random();
int random = randomGenerator.nextInt(array.size());
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You probably want to look at drawableLeft property - or one of the others - rather than the background.

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