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I have been testing multiple framework performance on GoDaddy.

I am currently on GoDaddy Windows shared hosting.

I have struggled to make the url rewriting work including a change to $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"] to handle requests and responses correctly. I made it work so far, but the speed of this framework is not acceptable.

9000 ms on first load 2000 ms on second load

I followed the documentation, and I have symfony barebone at the moment.

Does anybody have symfony running on GoDaddy with decent performance?

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This needs more detail. Are you running in production or debug mode? Logging enabled/disabled? Cache enabled/disabled etc? – richsage May 10 '11 at 9:03
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GoDaddy mentionned that Windows Servers are running in SafeMode and they can't do anything to fix this issue other than migrating to a Linux Server.

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