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I use trac to manage my projects and I'd like to organize wiki pages the same way trac project does, i.e. by category, subcategory, etc. TitleIndex page on trac site gives a good explanation of the result I want to obtain.

How do I achieve this?

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For further reference there is an answer on SO titled How to define parent and subpages in Trac? that also helped. –  Paolo May 7 '11 at 12:16

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First of all, you can create hierarchically wiki pages, just by modifying the url, and press enter. It is also possible to create a wikilink first, and then press the red link.

For example, when your trac home page is http://trac.server.local/project/wiki, you can type /customers at the end of the url, and press enter. So the new url would be http://trac.server.local/project/wiki/customers. You will get an almost empty page with a button Create this page. Press that button to create that page. After that you can also create pages at the next level, for example

  • http://trac.server.local/project/wiki/customers/microsoft
  • http://trac.server.local/project/wiki/customers/google
  • http://trac.server.local/project/wiki/customers/apple

To generate an index, I use the HierWikiPlugin. On the /wiki/customers page, I enter just


to get a list of all subpages below customers. To also see the subpages of those subpages, increase the level, for example

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You can add subpages using something like:


This generates a link to a non-existent page. When you click on the link, Trac shows you a page to create a new sub page or a page in the same level...

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