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I am stuck on trying to get Facebook to call. I have followed all the documentation from Facebook and when I create the app it works from the delegate great, when a add a new viewcontroller it loads but wont fire. I have add this to the delegate but still am confused on how to get the viewcontroller to call it. Any help will be appreciated.

-(BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application handleOpenURL:(NSURL *)url {
    return [[newView facebook] handleOpenURL:url];
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I was stuck on the same issue, this is what ended up working for me - Facebook iOs sdk iphone : Call from multiple viewcontroller

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I found another solution yesterday. I think you method is cleaner. Also note that you can change the facbook.m file change: [self authorizeWithFBAppAuth:NO safariAuth:NO]; from yes to NO. This way you do not need to handle the URL. –  user736596 May 12 '11 at 14:59

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