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I am making an app which basically presents data (from plist) to user in table form. I have a lot of controllers and the user basically navigates through these controller to get to an item after which a final detail display is shown. At that last view, the user can add that to favorites.

The way that I am passing data to view controller is that I pass them specific data, so at the last view, if the user adds the item to favorites, I write that data to file. But how can I tell all my other controller that the data has updated? This is more of a design problem and I don't know where to go..I have some idea but I want to know what is the standard way of doing this...Thanks.

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If you're going to be listening for events within multiple objects, take a look at NSNotificationCenter. You can simply subscribe to listen for notifications then post one once the data is updated.

NSNotificationCenter Class Reference

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Ah, completely forgot about notifications...thx! – user635064 May 7 '11 at 5:20

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