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Building advertising infrastructure for each website is somewhat bad, especially when the website is new and not much traffic. People will curious to advertise to website with low traffic.

I need ad server (like AdSense) which:

  • user can register, can create an ad (advertiser), and can embed customizable ad codes in their website
  • have text and image ads
  • all payment through paypal

I've found some example using Pylons but it rather outdated. It will be great if someone can guide me what to do and what I need to build it. Any recommendation are welcome.

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if you are looking for good documented pylons framework you should look at PylonsProject aka Pyramid. Here you will find EVERYTHING up-2-date documentation. So i think this is a good start.

But if you are looking for a website that you install, login and start working this is not what you want. with pylons/pyramid you will have to write your own code.

Also if you are more explicit where you need guidance i will be more helpful.

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