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I want to use comobox which is editable in my silverlight project, but silverlight doesnt provide a such control. If any one knows how to create a custom editable combobox in silvelight 4.0 then please help me.

Editable combobox means:

  1. A combo box providing list of options.
  2. User can enter the value.
  3. Filtering.
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have you taken a look at the answers provided in the following question stackoverflow.com/questions/1178712/… –  Chris Taylor May 7 '11 at 6:12
Take a look in silverlight toolkit –  kalvis May 7 '11 at 9:26

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Sounds like you are looking for the AutoCompleteBox.

  • Allows user to type value
  • Can simply dropdown like a combox
  • Partial value typed can be used to filter choices using either StartsWith or Contains mode.
  • Supports a create new entry operation if the final typed value does not match any existing entry

This control is part of the standard SDK and is found in the System.Windows.Controls.Input.dll. You should be able to drag it from the toolbox.

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You can see again Lookup Combo Box

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