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In joomla 1.5 it seems this function is (from k2 multinotify) sending as GMT0 even if my locale is set (global config) as -5 EST

So sending (creating article) at 4:30pm shows /inserts/sends for 20:30pm

The culprit is

   $datenow =& JFactory::getDate();
            $row->notificationDate = $datenow->toMySQL();

from http://docs.joomla.org/JFactory/getDate and http://docs.joomla.org/JDate/1.5

If i hack the Jdate from httpdocs/libraries/joomla/utilities/date.php


     * Time offset (in seconds)
     * @var     string
     * @access  protected
    var $_offset = -14400;

it seems to send immediately but in DB it's stil stored as GMT

How can i fix this?

function create() {

            if(!$this->_object->id) {
                    $this->error = "Can't find object Id";
                    return false;

            $row = & JTable::getInstance ( 'MNNotification', 'Table' );

            $row->object = $this->_objectName;
            $row->objectID = $this->_object->id;

            $datenow =& JFactory::getDate();
            $row->notificationDate = $datenow->toMySQL();

            $row->sent = 0;

            if (!$row->store()) {
                    $this->error = $row->getError();
                    return false;

            //$this->init(); ???
            //If we do that, this->params will be reset...so external merge will be lost
            $this->id = $row->id;
            $this->notificationDate = $row->notificationDate;

            return true;
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